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About Me


When I started out on the path to design my eyes were wide with wonder. I was going to color for a living! Twenty plus years later and I continue to adore the concepts of design, however I am more than just an artist - I am a builder. When my horizons broadened, my passions for engineering an effective marketing campaign grew. Constructing bridges between great design and the consumer became essential. I quickly learned how critical it is to build and maintain internal and external relationships.


From technical projects to full blown company initiatives, I am a passionate marketer, communicator and organizer. However none of these things can be accomplished without the component of creativity. Someone very close to me once said, “If the challenge is digital in nature and requires code, or if the need is more tangible in nature and requires a certain material practicality, there is always an opportunity for at least one creative solution to any problem”. Words to live by.


I am eager to create new concepts, tools, techniques and positive solutions to all challenges that may come our way. I look forward to meeting and exploring what valuable possibilities the future will bring. Thank you for your time!


I have a few mentors that have kept me teachable along the way, and eager to, in turn, teach what I have learned. This sort of kinship has been invaluable...

Dawane Wanek

Las Vegas Roundup Board Member at Large

Senior Director Mountain West Sales - Intel Security

I was asked to provide a reference for our current Creative Director/Marketing & Communications Chair, April Smith. Please accept this as a full endorsement for her contributions to our organization.


My relationship with April began almost three years ago when I held the MarCom lead position for our organization. Having been exposed to her background, I asked her to step in and see how she might help our marketing and branding efforts. She realized that an organization as old as our (this will be our 53rd year), wouldn’t change overnight and that being able to gain the trust and support of the other groups would be imperative.


April proceeded to do just that. She proved the value of updating and streamlining the brand, and project managed the transition from multiple branding elements, to a common theme and standard brand element. The trust she built across traditionally unmovable factions was just one example of an accomplishment that isn’t for the faint of heart.


I’m not sure what specific role you might be considering her for, but if it is even remotely connected with her skill set, you would be nuts not to hire her. If I had an income opportunity for her, she would be off the market.

Jill Keith

James I. Gibson Elementary


It is my honor to recommend April Smith as she looks to further herself professionally for her integrity, drive and cooperative attitude. I have had the pleasure to know and work with her for the past year, and I wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy as she seeks a new professional endeavor.


Ms. Smith started volunteering with us at Gibson Elementary in 2017. She supports our pedagogical methods while sharing her great energy and enthusiasm. She impresses me with her commitment to the betterment of our students while working with individuals and collaborating with our School Organizational Team and our Parent Teacher Organization, while leaving positivity in her wake. She goes out of her way to elicit feedback from staff and shows commitment to our students’ growth and well-being. April Smith is an outstanding presence who empowers our students.


In all capacities, Ms. Smith is charismatic and creative, and she thinks outside the box. She has developed a rapport with our students, staff and parents that is characterized by mutual respect. Beyond her strengths as a volunteer, Ms. Smith brings exciting new ideas to life as she has redesigned our website and created a newly revised school logo; I’m confident that she will continue her momentum with her next endeavor.


Ms. Smith has my highest recommendation and I look forward to learning more about the accomplishments that lie in her professional future. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any further information. Thank you for your time.


Educationally yours,

Jill Keith

James I. Gibson Elementary Principal

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