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When I started out on the path to design my eyes were wide with wonder. I was going to color for a living! Twenty plus years later and I continue to adore the concepts of design, however I am more than just an artist - I am a builder. When my horizons broadened, my passions for engineering an effective marketing campaign grew. Constructing bridges between great design and the consumer became essential. I quickly learned how critical it is to build and maintain internal and external relationships.


From technical projects to full blown company initiatives, I am a passionate marketer, communicator and organizer. However none of these things can be accomplished without the component of creativity. Someone very close to me once said, “If the challenge is digital in nature and requires code, or if the need is more tangible in nature and requires a certain material practicality, there is always an opportunity for at least one creative solution to any problem”. Words to live by.


I am eager to create new concepts, tools, techniques and positive solutions to all challenges that may come our way. I look forward to meeting and exploring what valuable possibilities the future will bring. Thank you for your time!



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